When we say the word math or mathematics we show different emotions about it. Some love it and some hate it. So let us make sure the young ones or let say kids should love math. Make sure that when you teach them about math it can catch their attention. Do not make it difficult for them especially if they are starting to learn. As they all say first impression last. So if there first impression about this subject is bad and hard there is a tendency that they do not want to learn it.

During the stage of toddler math is already introduced to them like counting their fingers or toes. Educational toys and games for their ages are also available for them to learn such as shapes, color, count and more.

As the child grows older other techniques can be used to make learning math fun. Make up stories that has math on it like solving a problem but in a fun and entertaining way. Use resources that surrounds you like in learning to count, learning to add and subtract and other more. One can use the toys, money, even the snacks they eat like cookies and biscuits.

While learning and testing what the child learns give him or her reward. To make it more fun to the kids do some game friendly competition. Add prize for the winner/s so that they make sure to strive their best to win. The prize can be a toy or even a chocolate.

Make math learning fun and make the kids love math instead to hate it.