Euclid of Alexandria


Do you know who was referred as the Father of Geometry? If not will give you a little background of who is the father of geometry and a bit about him.

Euclid also known as Euclid of Alexandria is a Greek mathematician is referred as father of Geometry. Good Glory is the meaning of his name in Greek. In the history of mathematics his most influential work was “Elements”. From the time of this was publish till late 19th or the early 20th century this work of his was used as a main textbook in teaching mathematics most specially geometry.

Here at Elements he works out the principles of Euclidean geometry from axions in small set. Aside from Elements he also did other works that has same logical structures as of this. This is the data, on division of figures, catoptrics, phaenomena and optics. For data is nearly correlated to the first four books of Elements. It deals with the information in the problem of geometrical. On division of figures is almost the same with the work of Heron of Alexandria in the 3rd century AD. Catoptrics it focuses on theory of mirrors mathematically most specific the image that is form in spherical and plane concave mirrors. Phaenomena is about spherical astronomy somehow similar with Autolycus of Pitane the On the Moving Sphere. Optics follows tradition of Platonic where in it is because by discrete rays that emanate from the eye.

This is just some of his works that survived till now. He has other works but was lost such as conics, porisms and other more.